Conference on the "25 Years of Abkhazia"

The Conference on the 25 Years of Abkhazia was held in Ankara on September 24, 2018. The conference was organized by the Caucasian Center for Strategic Research (Kafsam) and the Center for Strategic Studies of the Republic of Abkhazia (CSS).

Dr. Dunya Basol (Center for Strategic Studies of the Republic of Abkhazia), Turan Akin (Global Trade Solutions expert), Dr. Muhittin Tolga Ozsaglam (European University of Lefke) and Dr. Mitat Celikpala (Kadir Has University) discussed economic and political developments in Abkhazia since its independence and freedom in 1993, the problems faced by Abkhazia, and the proposals for the future in the first session of the conference.

In the second session, Dr. Jade Cemre Erciyes (Center for Strategic Studies of the Republic of Abkhazia), Dr. Ergun Ozgur (Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient) and Elcin Basol (Center for Strategic Studies of the Republic of Abkhazia) shared the findings of their research on the socio-economic structure of Abkhazia, diaspora-Abkhazia relationships, and the acculturation processes among the immigrants.

The questions-and-answers session followed the presentations,

A reception was held after the conference to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Victory Day (Ayaayra) of Abkhazia. The reception was attended by HE Aleksander Khapilov (Acting Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Turkey), HE José Gregorio Bracho Reyes (Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Turkey), MP Abdüllatif Şener, MP Fethi Açıkel and Hasan Seymen (Vice President of İyi Parti). The Bzeps Violin Group, Gupse Seda, the Azar Group and the Elbruz Folk Dance Group performed at the reception to celebrate the Victory Day.