Panel: Women and Their Changing Role

Kaffed, Kafsam and the Circassian Association organized a panel "Women with a Changing Role" in Ankara on March 8th.

Within the Caucasus Federation of Associations and its member associations, increasing women's participation in both governments and events has become an increasingly important agenda in recent years. In this context, the regulation of the last Kaffed General Assembly has changed the gender for Kaffed Board of Directors. Kaffed aims to play an active role in the structuring and development of women in all social, economic, social, artistic and political fields, especially women in the country.

In this context, the Kaffed, Kafsam and Circassian Association, together with speakers and participants on March 8, World Workers' Women's Day, organized a panel to discuss the changing and developing role of women in public spaces, both in institutional mechanisms. Kaffed Secretary General Serpil Yilmaz Dizdarlar'ın moderator of the panel Professor. Dr. Erden Ünlü (Scientific Committee of KAFDAV) "Gender Equality and Woman Empowerment", Feray Salman (Human Rights Joint Platform) "Participation", Ayşe Özlem Ekşi (Human Rights Activist) "War, Migration and Woman" and Selda Tandoğan Demirel Women Entrepreneurs Board) made presentations on "Politics and Women in Trade". Panel ended with question and answer section.