About Kafsam

The Caucasian Center for Strategic Studies (Kafsam) was established by the Federation of Caucasian Associations.

Kafsam is a "think tank" established to conduct research on the Caucasus and the Caucasians, and to provide a forum for scientific research and debate. Kafsam conducts scholarly and scientific research to inform the Federation of the Caucasian Associations and its member associations, other non-governmental organizations, international organizations, policy makers, media and the society at large on the issues regarding the Caucasus and the Caucasian peoples, and to provide strategic view and policy solutions. Kafsam would like to interact and cooperate with academicians, research centers and experts, especially with those located in Turkey and in the Caucasian countries.

The Caucasian Center for Strategic Studies

  • follows current political, economic, cultural and social trends and developments regarding the Caucasus and the Caucasians, and prepares assessment reports to provide timely information;
  • conducts research projects to provide reliable and in-depth information for civil society organizations and policy makers;
  • exhanges information and conducts joint research activities with other research centers and experts;
  • organizes seminars and conferences to disseminate its research findings; arranges special workshops, panel discussions and conferences, together with other research centers and experts, to draw the attention of the public to the issues affecting the Caucasus and the Caucasians;
  • organizes public debate and discussions, with the participation of policy makers, non-governmental organizations, representatives of non-governmental organizations, media and experts, to search for solutions for contemporary and structural problems of the Caucasus region;
  • publishes the findings of its scientific activities on its web page.

Map: Abraham Ortelius (1572), Europe